Childbirth Education Classes

During labor, women are emotionally and physically vulnerable. It can be confusing and scary. It can be hard for your support person to watch you “suffer” and feel helpless to comfort you. Nurtured Journey aims to help you feel more educated and confident about what is happening during labor and delivery.

Our classes are a unique combination of curriculums tailored to fit into today’s busy lifestyle. We are able to customize the class to fit our students’ needs, experiences and schedules. Nurtured Journey’s childbirth education class is typically 5 weeks for a total of 10-12 hours. We will talk about how to understand and work with your body and your baby during labor and delivery. We will learn and practice comfort techniques and relaxation methods. Your support person will master the skills needed to confidently nurture you on your journey.

We also cover nutrition and exercises for pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding and other post-partum subjects.

One Nurtured Journey student said this about Jill and Mackenzie:  “Kind, helpful, patient, truthful, informational, relational, mothers.”