Doula Service

Doula is an ancient Greek word meaning “a woman who serves.” The term is now used to refer to a trained professional who provides physical and emotional support to a woman and her partner during labor and delivery.

Studies have shown that women who have continuous support during labor and delivery are less likely to have an epidural or other pain medicine, less likely to use Pitocin (synthetic oxytocin), less likely to give birth by cesarean section and less likely to rate their birth experience negatively.

Jill Hawtrey has been a doula for over 5 years and has attended 20 births.

One of Jill’s clients had this to say:

I would highly recommend Jill Hawtrey to anyone looking for a great experience. She offered me several non-medicated alternatives when it came to my labor pains. She encouraged me and she made sure that I was always comfortable. Even when things did not go as planned she still was there making sure that my voice was heard. Also, my husband was able to participate along with her help. She made it very easy for him to be involved during my labor. Again I would like to thank her for the time and effort she put in making my birth a wonderful and memorable experience.

– Teascha and Richard S.

Mackenzie Hootman is in the process of training to become a doula.