Post-Partum Services

You have had the baby; all of your friends and family have come, offered gifts and congratulations, and gone. Now what?

It is important to have reliable post-partum support. You need to be resting so you can heal after childbirth and taking care of yourself and your baby. Not cleaning house and doing dishes!

Nurtured Journey childbirth education students and doula clients have access to our post-partum support as long as needed.

We provide meal preparation and delivery, lactation cookies, herbal baths, moral and emotional support and our time. We will hold your baby while you take a nap or shower.



Placenta Encapsulation

Consuming your placenta in capsule form during the postpartum period has many benefits. It aids healing by increasing the release of the hormone oxytocin which helps the uterus return to normal size and will help reduce bleeding. The oxytocin also helps encourage bonding with the infant. The placenta contains prolactin, which will help with milk production. It will help replenish iron after childbirth. In addition, it contains many hormones that will help balance your mood and emotions. It can provide a mood boost and an energy boost.

Nurtured Journey offers placenta encapsulation services individually, or as a package deal with either doula services and/or childbirth education classes.